Quality of Service (QoS) is a management concept that aims to optimize the resources of a computer network or a process and guarantee good performance for applications critical for businesses.
Combining the visibility of applications with the optimization of the Internet network and the dynamic selection of said network, the QoS and control functions ensure an optimal and ideal user experience.


  • Manage the WAN according to the application performance objectives
  • Protect all applications, including real-time and interactive flows
  • Manage complex mesh flows

The rules of QoS are obviously essential when the connections are massively shared to avoid that some users active in P2P or carrying out massive downloads do not come to make the common connection usable. They can also improve the quality of a SIP / FTP / HTTPS connection by somewhat protecting it from the jolts linked to downloads (especially on ADSL connections where the uplink speed is limited) made on the same network.

Good QoS rules can also help maintain acceptable latencies by ensuring that too many packets are not accumulating at the entry of the ISP network.

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