Mikrotik Master Distributor and Value added Distributor in GHANA

We are BRIDGE TECHNOLOGIES, Main distributor of the brand of the equipment manufacturer MIKROTIK, Training center and Consultant for all IT projects. We offer quality IT and telecom solutions to companies with advanced equipment at affordable prices.
We are specialists in the field of Network, Connectivity and IT Security through solutions such as WiFi coverage, router configuration, network cabling, Hotspot, Load balancing, VPN site interconnection, Wireless Site Interconnection, Firewall and Quality of QOS services.

Mission & Vision

To popularize MIKROTIK technology on the African continent .
To meet the specific needs of public and private institutions by providing high-tech equipment, integrated solutions and services, with a high level of integrity and customer satisfaction. 
To develop a long-term strategy to attract and attain customers with high-valued, cutting-edge products and services for the most satisfying ownership experience in Africa.


To become the number one supplier of IT, telecommunications and   security solutions for multinationals operating on the African continent .

Our skills





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